X-Treme People Are Awesome


X-Treme People Are Awesome

X-Treme People Are Awesome. Thank you to all the athletes & producers that have supported this video

0:01 Time Lapse from the film “What Else” by Invert Productions
0:05 Huge Ski Jump from the film “In Deep” by Matchstick productions
0:10 Sydiving by English Jon
0:14 Mark Matthews surfing Shipsterns from the film “Fighting Fear”
0:24 Dallas Friday winter wakeboard training by English Jon
0:31 Dave Thompson street BMX by Props BMX
0:34 Vertical Ice Climb from the film “On Sight” by Posing Productions
0:36 Julien Eustache Freeski jumps filmed with the GoPro HD
0:40 Douggs & Carlos incredible base jump
0:55 Sydiving by English Jon
1:01 Wakeboard Handrail Slide by English Jon
1:07 Sebastian Invasion Sydiving by English Jon
1:10 Jokke Sommer Wingsuit proximity flyby filmed by Trond R Teigen
1:14 Kaoli Kahokuloa Surfing 360
1:23 Freestyle Motocross body varial filmed by Vincent Saccomani
1:32 Surfing auto tow in alaia tube by Fred Compagnon
1:41 Ben Player bodyboard backflip filmed by Riraw Productions
1:45 Stunt Plane Free Fall filmed by WW Prod
1:52 Hot Air Balloon Wingsuit Base Jump by Marshall Miller
1:57 Huge building base jump by Unknown
2:02 Paraglider Rollover Jump by Marshall Miller
2:07 FMX Superman from “Bikes & Broken Bones “by Mav Media
2:10 Julien Dupont Urban Trial FMX backflip filmed by Jermey Brigolle
2:12 Mountain Bike Double Front Flip filmed by Vincent Saccomani
2:18 Snowboarding heli-shoot from “Hello World” by Alterna Films
2:28 Snowboarding Rail Jib “Hello World” by Alterna Films
2:30 Snowboarding Water Slide Backflip from “Elektro” by Alterna Films
2:35 Huge Snowboarding 1080 from “Apples & Oranges” by Alterna Films
2:39 Snowboarding Double Backflip from “Now You Know” by Sandbox
2:47 Guy Skis Down Escalator “Mind The Gap” by Sundalen Productions.
3:01 Kyle Norbraten MTB Train jump “From The Inside Out” by 2ndBase
3:04 Julien Eustache Freeski jumps filmed with the GoPro HD
3:08 Ski Base Jumps from the film “In Deep” by Matchstick productions
3:20 Youri Zoon kitesurfing filmed by Eyeforce Productions
3:22 12 Year old ski sensation from the film “Punch Line” by PVS Company
3:27 Ski Slam Dunk by Ahmet Dadli filmed by Level 1
3:30 Jokke Sommer Wingsuit waterfall proximity flyby
3:33 Ski Base Jumps from the film “In Deep” by Matchstick productions.

The X-Treme Channel features awesome extreme sports action from all over the world!


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