Probot – Shake Your Blood (Uncensored) Video and Lyrics


Probot - Shake Your Blood (Uncensored) Video and Lyrics

Probot was a heavy metal side project of ex-Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters lead-singer Dave Grohl. An album was recorded out of the material and released in February 2004. It featured one single entitled “Centuries Of Sin/the Emerald Law.”

Dave Grohl and Lemmy are a lethal combination (in a good way).

Although Grohl recorded the guitar and drums himself, Lemmy performed his own bass and wrote the lyrics to “Shake Your Blood.” He noted, “I wrote the lyrics in about ten minutes. . . It’s rock & roll, you know. It’s not one of those complicated things.” The song bears strong resemblance to Lemmy’s style and was considered “a terrific Motörhead clone” by Adrien Begrand of PopMatters.

Probot – Shake Your Blood (Uncensored) Video and Lyrics

Looking for relief in your miserable life
You need some rock and roll
And you better get it right
Got to roll them bones,
Do everything they say
If you’re cool, you’re the fool.
Make it work everyday.

Rock out, do it quick
My, my, my, let it rip
Rock out, feeling good.
Break your heart. Shake your blood.

Out upon the stage, crowd is going wild,
Love to see them women, babe
I ain’t in denial.
Make you crazy too. Make you show it out.
Feeling good, get some wood
You should, You knew you could

Rock out, do it now
My, my, my, show me how
Rock out, make it good.
Break your heart. Shake your blood

Want to be a winner, want to be the man.
Want to drive yourself insane,
Join up with the band
Want to fall in love, want to make your mark
Want to get out in the storm, want to break
A thousand hearts

Rock out, strike it rich
My, my, my, it’s a bitch
Rock out, I knew you could
Break your heart. Shake your blood


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