The “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot Video – Professor Shoelace


After seeing this video I am sure you will never see how to tie you shoelaces the same way; This video will help you and your kids to make a better knot that last more time without having to make it again.

The "Ian Knot", the world's fastest shoelace knot - Professor Shoelace
Ian Fieggen’s OFFICIAL “Ian Knot” tutorial video. Teaches how to tie your shoes super fast with a knot that has the same or better security than the two other most common shoelace knots. Besides being faster, the Ian Knot is also more symmetrical, works equally for right or left handed people, and has fewer steps to memorize, all of which make it easier to learn. I hope you try the “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot.


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