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Sports Impresionante conducción de Ken Block (Gymkhana 3.2) en un Ford Fiesta 2011

Impressive driving from Ken Block (Gymkhana 3.2) 2011 Ford Fiesta

Really good. Quite skillful on the? part of the driver and the video crew. In the description of Gymkhana you say “Gymkhana courses are often complex and memorizing.” Did you mean Mesmerizing?

what would happen if you put? 550 horsepower in a normal fiesta? and i think ken block should be the next stig.

Sports Red Bull Rampage 2010 - La Fina

Red Bull Rampage 2010 - The Finals


With wild skies above him and 1,500 feet of vertical drop below, Cameron Zink persevered over the obstacles to become the 2010 Red Bull Rampage champion. Twenty-one of mountain biking’s best riders threw down all they had while battling wild weather, but when the skies cleared it was Zink who took home the trifecta — the contest win, Utah Sports Commission Best Trick Award and the Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour season overall title.

Sports Monster Drift - Road America

Monster Drift - Road America

Monster Drift – Road America, Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Traveling Smoke Show makes a stop in Elkhart Lake , Wisconsin. Jr spins some rubber and makes new fans during a vintage racing weekend at Road America’s 4 mile road course.

Sports Jetkart vs Ferrari - carrera de arrancones

Jetkart vs Ferrari drag race

Drag race jetkart vs ferrari, Basic math,

Kart 100HP per 220 lbs =? 0.45 HP/lb

Ferrari 400 HP per 3064 lbs = 0.13 HP/lb

That’s 4 times more power applied by the kart per pound!

Kart has 300 peak torque at start versus Ferrari 275 peak torque at 4750 rpm… that means the kart will always have a higher start acceleration, especially because its maximum torgue is from start.

Sports Germany vs Spain 0 - 1

Germany vs Spain 0 - 1

Resume from the semifinal of world cup at Sudafrica 2010. Julio 07 2010 between Germany vs Spain 0 – 1 with one goal of Puyol.