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Sports Ju-jutsu full contact

Ju-jutsu full contact

This is Japanese JiuJitsu. What you have in Brazil is Brazilian JiuJitsu which is based off Judo and Judo is based off this. Its like this, (Japanese JiuJitsu –>judo–> BJJ) JiuJitsu was the original art, then they separated a style that focused on grappling and throws into Judo.

Sports Increíble David Beckham

Unbelievable David Beckham

While on the beach in California shooting a commercial for Diet Pepsi, David Beckham shows why he’s the world’s most famous soccer player.

Sports AZO Showreel 2010

AZO Showreel 2010

Some of the new stuff this year are diabolos, flower sticks and kung fu fans. anyway do you think possible to call it gymnastics

Sports Blake Griffin Top 10 Plays of 2010

Blake Griffin Top 10 Plays of 2010

Check out Blake Griffin’s 2010 top 10 plays. Even though he missed all of last season on the NBA, when you watch his basketball plays are so ridiculous that he has enough highlights in three months to anyone’s top 10 plays of the 2010 calendar year. This is where the amazing happens

Sports Damien Walters 2010

Damien Walters 2010

Training and new things early in 2010, Tumbling Gymnastics Freerunning Stunts “Derby City Gymnastics Club” PK parkour the art of moving tracer tracer balance cat spends wall Dropped Crossing underbar cat jump precision balance roundel roll funny.

Sports El Espectacular show de Damien Walters 2009

Damien Walters Showreel 2009

Damien Walters is amazing epic speed, epic precision, epic jumps. Just watch him and you will start thinking he might be flying. We are not very sure if what he is doing is still gymnastics, but whatever you want to call this is unique.

Sports Marks Motorcycle crash

Marks Motorcycle crash

Marks Motorcycle crash, i feel bad for him first ride then boom! but at least the owner was cool about it on his first motorcycle ride. this video could serve to teach in a school about motorcycle safety To illustrate how powerful bikes are.

I don’t think its the the guy that’s learning’s fault. the people who were teaching him should known better not to put a novice on a big bike! its funny nonetheless.

Sports Ken Block's Gymkhana THREE, Part 1; The Music Video Infomercial (feat. The Cool Kids)

Ken Block's Gymkhana THREE, Part 1; The Music Video Infomercial (feat. The Cool Kids)

After months of anticipation DC and Ken Block are proud to be officially launching the Gymkhana THREE Part! The newest chapter in this successful franchise of Gymkhana videos is: Ken Block’s Gymkhana THREE: Part 1; The Music Video Infomercial (feat. The Cool Kids).

This music video features Ken, his Gymkhana Three 2011 Ford Fiesta, Gymkhana style driving, new DC and Ken Block product, with visual and effects — all set to an original track “Clicking (Gymkhana THREE)” that was written and produced by hip-hop duo The Cool Kids.