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Kids The Muppets - Popcorn

The Muppets - Popcorn

what do Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, and Mario Batali all have in common? Their cooking is not good enough compared to the natural talent and skills of Swedish Chef. I wish I could cook like him. Food Network should give him his own show.

Kids POCOYO - Pilot Episode

POCOYO - Pilot Episode

The animation seems to change a lot. I mean it’s Pocoyo but I don’t have the feelings it’s the original pocoyo that I have love for years.

Kids The Muppets - Stand By Me

The Muppets - Stand By Me

Who said there is no April fools for rabbits. Well spotted. Spotted bunny? They looked white. who say’s he didn’t eat another bunny before 🙂 haha… Stand by me… hahaha hit by carrot haha… And the moon is the only light we’ll SEE!!!!! haha.

Please, don’t eat me, don’t do it.

Kids Lego Matrix Trinity Help

Lego Matrix Trinity Help

Come to watch this version of Matrix with Lego, This is a fun animation from the Matrix movie. enjoy with this Hi resolution video (High Digital)

Kids the Muppets interpreting bohemian Rhapsody from Queen

We are proud to present the Muppet’s interpreting bohemian Rhapsody from Queen

who can imagine the Muppet’s interpreting the bohemian rhapsody from Queen, this excellent video rehearsal a great version and they way they are interpreting this special song.

This original video with great quality bring us this question; are the Moppets back again? the truth is that this is a very good welcome back, do not you agree?