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Animals Cat's crash test

Cat's crash test

You know, the kittens are obviously not hurt. It’s not like he was smashing them together full force, they barely touched. Everyone thought that the guy getting run over by his own car was hilarious, and he was probably seriously hurt. And here are two kittens barely bonking heads.

Animals Bear Trampoline

Bear Trampoline

Cruel, but funny as a Bear is tranquilized in a tree, and falls first in a trampoline set to alleviate his way to the floor, but then the trampoline elevates this bear and falls down over the grass.

Animals A Visit to the Zoo to see these strange Elephants

A Visit to the Zoo to see these strange Elephants

Elephant facts.

On a Visit to the Zoo in our safari we find these strange elephants that feed on the waste of others, this may seem gross, but the question remains in the air is whether this is normal, is this something they do in the wildlife but if you think twice about who would want to eat what someone else already ate or in a few words their droppings. Mr. Elephant your food does not seem very appetizing

Animals very playful dog

very playful dog

This dog is very playful and gave his owner a hard time even if you see the video now they may seem very funny. really who has not seen such a scene, but this time the dog is really going beyond or do you think she went down on purpose?