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Just 4 fun Epic Motorcycle Fail !

Epic Motorcycle Fail !

Interesting video that show a motorcyclist that fail on the attempt to do…

… I do not know! but whatever it is does not work. In fact he is trying to park a BMW motorcycle but seems that he does not know how.

The comments are, why does not have any clothes? did happen something to his teeth? or he had them like that already? did it happen after the bar? we do not know it but take a look to the video and give us your opinion.

Just 4 fun Intento Fallido de estacionado en paralelo

Intento Fallido de estacionado en paralelo

We are bringing you this video of fail parallel parking, find the spot is one thing, parking is another. I think that the time to park the car is bigger than the time will take to take driving lessons, but who am I to judge may be you where tagged in this video.