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Just 4 fun Introducing: Super Obama Girl!

Introducing: Super Obama Girl!

Super Obama girl in exclusive interview this is the unique opportunity to know her, this is real since she never offer personal interviews to the press.

she is sasy,

she is fashy, so funky, she is super,

she is the girl fighting for a Politician,

against the legion of doom!

she is going to the white House to stop the opposition,

she fights against she is the super Obama girl.

Just 4 fun Las hermanas Ross - Ensalada sólida de papa

Ross sisters - Solid Potato Salad

Never underestimate a woman who can get both legs behind her head and wrap her feet around her face. (HINT: Watch past the first 45 seconds or so. Whoah!)

Solid Potato Salad? No, it’s not what you get when you leave the deli container out of the fridge too long. It’s a 1940s term for…something (I have no idea what) In this classic footage from the movie “Broadway Rhythm” (1944), the Ross sisters, Aggie, Maggie and Elmira, sing and move in ways that don’t look humanly possible. Yoga anyone? Movie buffs will recognize the tune as one of the background instrumentals from “The Godfather.”

It starts out looking like another kitschy 40’s tune, but give it a minute. Things get wild! Now if I can just figure out what apples have to do with potato salad…

(Extra trivia: While the Ross Sisters are billed in their act as Aggie, Maggie and Elmira Ross, their real-life names were actually Vicki, Dixie and Betsy Ross.)

Just 4 fun Under a ladder

Under a ladder

For those who enjoy the pain of others, this video shows several people recorded with a hidden camera and who were ask help under a ladder to sustain it, a fine representative of our gender a nice laidy will come up with a mini mini skirt to clean the glass. Will there be someone who is reluctant to turn up? If you must know, watch this candid video.

Just 4 fun Rascacielos de $100,000,000.00 falla

$100,000,000.00 Skyscraper Fail!

Could you believe this a $100,000,000.00 Skyscraper Fail. High-rise condominium was to be opened in 2008. The building began to have settling problems. It sunk as much as 14 inches. The only option was to destroy the building.

Just 4 fun Best of fails 2010 Compilation

Best of fails 2010 Compilation

A huge compilation of funny fails of people that might think is not funny at all, this is a 2010 compilation of all those errors, hope you are not here because can be anyone.

Just 4 fun Epic Motorcycle Fail !

Epic Motorcycle Fail !

Interesting video that show a motorcyclist that fail on the attempt to do…

… I do not know! but whatever it is does not work. In fact he is trying to park a BMW motorcycle but seems that he does not know how.

The comments are, why does not have any clothes? did happen something to his teeth? or he had them like that already? did it happen after the bar? we do not know it but take a look to the video and give us your opinion.